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Using the latest technology, we provide high quality, fast and cost effective tailored solutions for all scanning and indexing requirments.

We collect documents, carefully prepare, then scan - in B&W or colour, exporting the digital image to your preferred format eg PDF. Electronic records will also be indexed and structured to suit requirements.

Electronic documents are uploaded to a secure SFTP or an encrypted hard-drive. We return your originals or can securely shred.

Due to demand, we have recently extended our 7750 microfiche scanning machines, capable of capturing various sizes of microfiche jackets. We can scan all types of jackets, from 16mm, 35mm, combination, COM microfiche and aperture cards, creating digitised greyscale and bitonal images simultaneously at full speed.

Scanning files and documentation, which need to be legally stored, has provided customers with increased office space. Our technology means we offer a speedy, high quality scanning service at exceptionally competitive prices.

All the images we produce are provided in PDF/A-1B and conform with ISO 19005-1, the recognised standard for electronic document formats for long term preservation.

We also provide geo-referencing allowing comparisons between past and present on maps or other historical materials.

Data Capture

We are market leaders in accurate, reliable and fast data entry. We capture from paper forms or surveys, audio, or all shapes and sizes of documents and output files to your exact specification.

All work is handled in-house, using the latest technology and our data entry specialists who consistently and accurately achieve over 17,500 keystrokes per hour.

We also offer an 'Enter and Verify' service where our operator enters the original data, then a second operator repeats the process, during which alerts are shown on any discrepancies, to be instantly rectified, ensuring accurate results every time.

We can also provide secure and cost effective hosting coupled with detailed database and customer analysis, helping you achieve high response rates.

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